EMF serial; shaded-pole, are single phase AC induction motors. Fan motors are used especially for homogenous circulation of hot air in the oven.

The product visuals are prepared with standard 6 wings proppeller and the technical drawings are designed according to this proppeller.

*** The desired product can designed with proppellers at ‘ACCESSORIES’ part according to costumer’s requested.

MODEL [EMF]10.00115.00120.00125.00225.003
VOLTAGE [V]220/240220/240220/240220/240220/240
FREQUENCY [Hz]50-6050-60 Hz50-60 Hz50-60 Hz50-60 Hz
RATING POWER [W]1526323423 - 40
SPEED [Rpm]750±1001100±1001300±1001400±100750 - 1500 ±100
Measurements / Diagram
Fırın Fan Motorları - Oven Fan Motors

*** The packet(H), shaft(L) and screw measurements can designed by costumer’s requested.

General Information
  • EMF-serial; shaded-pole, are single phase AC induction motors.
  • EMF-serial motors having H-class winding insulation.
  • The max ambient temperature is 90 °C nominal voltage and frequency at continuous duty.
  • The un-solicited noise and vibrations dispose to create perfect film layer at shaft & bush bearing with high-viscosity oil system.
  • The noise is got up to min level with conical pressure springs manufactured according to motor rotation direction.
  • The noise and vibration synchronisation are got up to min level with the thrust washers having performance chart at high-temperature, high-impulse strenght and high- friction coefficient.
  • The solder suitable of ROHS standards and purged from lead are used at winding terminals.
  • The winding temperatures at motors don’t let to exceed stipulated values.
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