The company was established in 1999 to manufacture shaded-pole of electric motor in Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone.

Merzifon Electro Motor has become the first and only manufacture company of Turkey in the manufacture shaded-pole of electric motors.
In Merzifon Organized Industrial Zone, It continues the production in its industrial area with 10.000 m² open area and 6.200 m² closed area which is fully equipped with modern technology.

Our company is always expanding its fast and quality-oriented product range by catching world standards by, production capacity continually increasing with new investments made with innovative technology understanding.
Merzifon Elekctro Motor is the main supplier of Turkey’s leading producers of Ovens, Mini Ovens, Refrigerators, Built-in aspirators and extractor hoods in white goods sector.

We continue our progress about the shaded-pole of electric motors with the aim of serving all over the world, especially Europe and Near East countries.


We are proud to be Turkey’s first and only shaded-pole motor manufacturer with innovative team since establishment.


We continue the production in the facilities with 10000 m² open area and 6.200 m² closed area which is fully equipped with modern technology.


We are expanding our fast and quality-oriented product range, by capturing world standards by production capacity continually increasing with new investments.

Principles of manufacture

The first product requested by the costumers is delivered after doing the necessary test and measurements are made in the R&D laboratory. After customer approval, the product is produced and final checks are performed and packaged and the product is delivered to the costumers.

Environmental Policy

Our company takes the necessary precautions to minimize the negative effects that human and technology can give to the environment in all kinds of production activities it carries out. Our company takes the laws and responsibilities as required by all markets where it work on environmental issues.

In all its activities it carries out its duty to assess recyclable wastes, to prevent pollution that would create harmful waste to the environment and to protect nature.

Customer Service (Happiness)

It is our goal to provide our customers with the latest technology and high quality products in the fastest way possible.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Sustainability
  • Innovation
  • Sensitivity to the environment
  • Customer happiness
  • Quality
  • Team spirit
  • Reliability

Market distribution

Our company supplies directly to 47 companies in Turkey.
We export to Italy and European countries, Iran, Russia, Uzbekistan, Hungary and Bulgaria.